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LFT/LFO Global Series

Über mich:

Aktiv auf Pc seit 2015, Anfänge in CSGO (Esea, Faceit) bis hin zu Battle Royale Titeln wie PUPG, IoN. Sprachen: Englisch, Deutsch. Tournament Experience: keine bis Esl Play Apex kill race. Pred s3. Visitor Preseason Invitationals. Main Legends: Wraith, Wattson, Gibby, Lifeline.

Ich suche:

My goal for 2020 is set. The Apex Legends Global Series 2020 is announced and I like to compete in it. Since the beginning of Apex I'm very fascinated by the competitive scene and players. When I play Apex there is always the mindset of playing the game competitively and get the biggest chance of success. From now on I'm aware that it is time to take all possibilities to be part of a strong and serious team to compete in the future of Apex. Free Agent Tier 3/2. Ability for full time if its needed, boot camp. Time is running



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