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Orbital Gaming Team Severity [EU]

We are a roster consisting of 5 guys right now, playing for the ORG Orbital Gaming and are searching for a coach. As we are all-german right now we would prefer you being german as well.

- Requirements -
-Being able to capture our scrims (we scrim 5-7 times a week atm)
-German speaking
-Being able to make viable strats which fit our playstyle using our system (we will explain it to you)
-Being able to give useful criticism

Wir bieten:

We are a highly competitive and aspiring roster, playing together for multiple months now. We are extremly dedicated and putting in a lot of time. Apart from the four players we also have a coach and an analyst who are part of the team. Concerning our achievements we have finished 12th in GSA quals (german nationals) out of 67 teams which participated and played some minor tournaments as well such as Go4 or smaller german tournaments. We qualified for the german GCC challenger league as well and

Wir suchen:

-Pref german speaking
-T3 (that means comp experience on a higher level, e.g. top Go4 teams, nationals) // Rank wise at least diamond (doesn't really matter what youre real rank is as long as you think you would suit in that kind of elo if you tryhard/have a team/...)
-Able to be there for scrims in the evenings as many times as possible (at least like 4 times a week)
-Can take criticism and is willing to take that criticism to improve as a player


Discord: nichzin#2515
TS: (nichzin oder Darqez anhauen sind meistens Abends da)

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