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Weekdays mostly 16:00-21:XX Weekends mostly flexible Exceptions: Exams, other things i really need to attend

DPS Main | Searching for Team | 17y | Platinum | Ger/Eng

Über mich:

Ich spiele seit dem release von Overwatch mehr oder weniger aktiv. Bin zurzeit Platin und guter Dinge aufzusteigen.

Rollen: Main DPS Widow/Mccree/Soldier/Pharah (Als Tank Roadhog)

Ich suche:

I'm searching for a Overwatch Team. I've been in several Teams that have split up and im searching for a consitent team that wants to reach goals (competetive/professional).

I'm in Platinum at the moment but i haven't been playing ranked in the last few weeks/months because i was done with the game after my old team was abandoned, but im now back playing consistently.

My mains:
-any aim hero mostly

Flex heroes:
Heal: Ana
Tank: Roadhog


Battletag: WidowsPOPO#2425
Discord: Loliwoof#6905


Steam: URL

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Discord Loliwoof#6905
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