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I can play and practice almost every day at 17:30 MST right now until November then opens up to anytime that the team needs.

Über mich:

I have been playing video games for as long as i can remember and what it to be something i can do for a while, i have experience in cod pro league on console and have been trying to play competitively on pc for 2 years now, i feel i personally have a high skill cap but need the training to get there, determined to be whatever any team needs, i just want to play with a team competitively and actually have dedicated team mates for whatever we're doing together.

Ich suche:

I'm looking for a team that can help me learn the game better and grasp a better understanding and a team with good teamwork that is always looking to improve and is dedicated to the game and always Improvement

Discord:Cryptic Junior#0359

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Discord Cryptic Junior#0359
UPlay: Cryptic_Junior
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