Gökay "SLICE"
Zuletzt online: 26 Okt 2020

Transfermarkt status: Suchend

I started playing serious since 2020 beginning of March. I am always looking forward to improve, to be a better player and a better person. I am a person who you can always laugh with and have a good time. Therefore I do not tilt fast and try to always stay positive even in the worst rounds.
I feel most comfortably in an entry fragger role and based on that my personal strengths are decent aim, basic gamesense and map knowledge. Im always looking to improve as a player and as a team.
I would be happy to work with you as a team, to improve and grow as a team.
Nationality : German, fluent english
Alter 17
Stadt Hilden
Land Deutschland
PLZ 40721


Game History

Spiel Stunden Rank Bis
Counter Strike 660 DMG 2020

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