Maxim "Durgâ"

Zuletzt online: 21 Jun 2023

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Hello, My name is Maxim, My highest rating is Titan (650 rank in Europe) I have been playing Dota since 2013, I have a lot of experience in Tier 3 Tournaments for example: I participated in the "Lidoma" team tournament (SIB FAMILY) also participated in lan -qualification tournament (Moscow cybersport) team (SIBFAMILY). I constantly play with people from the pro level in pubs, I play mainly in the central positions, I have a lot of experience, I often train against top level players, in the micro game I am not inferior to the highest ranks of Europe, So, how do you play against the best mid players in Europe.I have been playing Dota 2 almost all my life and for the last 3 years I have set myself the goal of entering the professional scene, and I try to look for different options for myself, I dedicate 10+ hours a day to Dota, self-improvement, I also have a great sense of purpose and a desire to work, to develop in this area, I am rapidly progressing and have a high perspective.
I currently live in Germany, Kassel.
Alter: 23
Stadt: Kassel
Land: Deutschland
PLZ: 34132
Gelistet für: Dota 2
System: PC


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Dota 2 10847 Immortal 650 2023

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